Eye Mask Electrode for Mend/Inspirstar Frequency Specific Microcurrent

  • What do people use the Eye Mask electrode and Mend/Inspirstar Wellness Device for?

    Pharmaceuticals = Nutraceuticals = Electroceuticals

    Most of the explored aspects of our physiology and psychology have been explored by modern science from an electro-chemical perspective. Frequency Specific Microcurrent allows you to engage the electric side of the Bioelectric gradient at a cellular level similar to how pharmaceuticals and supplement are used to shift the chemical side of the Bioelectric gradient.

  • This silicone rubber eye mask electrode is a comfortable, convenient way to deliver current to acupuncture points around the eye stimulating vitalizing processes for associated tissues, structures and function.
  •  Consider adding the optional hand held electrode to stimulate pathways in the hand and arm to mimic the TCM AcuNova approach the eye health.






  • We start with a virtual consult that is ‘free-ish’, in that I charge $75 for the consult but if you decide to rent or purchase any device the $75 for the consult goes toward the cost of your rent/purchase.


    About our FSM device program. We rent, rent-to-own or sell, the Inspirstar Wellness device for $2400+ tax. Rent is $75/wk, it start when you receive the device and ends when we receive the device back in the clinic. I cover shipping the device to you, you would cover shipping the device back to me.

    If you decide you want to buy the device 90% of your rent goes toward the purchase of the device.The device comes with all the standard accessories that you will need to use it. If there are extra accessories you would like to add they just come at the cost of the accessories if you were to purchase them your self from the manufacturer.

    The main goal of the virtual consult is for me to learn about the conditions you are wanting to treat with FSM, assess if FSM is a good match, if it is we’ll establish a list of protocols for you and I’ll program the device with those protocols. If I do not feel FSM is the best approach for your condition(s) I’ll offer suggestions based on my clinical experience for how I would approach treatment. That might include suggesting different Bioelectric Medicine devices or other modalities altogether.

    If you find the FSM helpful and rent long term (several months) or decide to purchase you might want to invest in a piece of software that allows you to load programs onto the device your self. I or other practitioners would be able to email you a protocol and you would be able to add it to the device. This is more efficient than mailing it back for me to program and mail back to you. Though that is option. The software costs about $150.

    Part of the rental includes a second virtual consult, at no cost, once you receive the device to walk you through lead placement, protocol selection, etc.. You will also have access to me for guidance along the way.For those who rent long term or decide to buy I have an online training course that I give part or full access to. It is a practitioner level training course so the level of detail can be a little overwhelming but for those committed to using FSM its an invaluable resource. For you to purchase this course on your own would cost over $1,000.

    What I have tried to do with my program is create an easier way for people to try FSM without the cost of seeing a practitioner in the clinic at $75 to $200 per visit. Or, buying a device, software and a license (training) to use it, totaling upward of $3700. Not to mention the time it then takes to learn the software, to collect the protocols, to find and learn the frequencies and write protocols your self. I’ve invested 10 years and thousands of dollars in this regard.

    I hope I’ve been able to answer some of your basic questions about the program. If you have some questions please send them along.

    Thank you, I look forward to talking with you


  • You will have access to going support from Bhakti Labs, Mend, Inspirstar via their online materials, coaching sessions and group Q&A zoom calls via Bhakti Labs.