About Bhakti Labs

Bhakti Wellness Integrative Medicine, an interdisciplinary program, is committed to the thoughtful and compassionate integration of complementary therapies and conventional medicine through the activities of research, education, clinical services and community partnerships. As a healing-oriented approach to medical care, integrative medicine takes into account the whole person (body, mind, spirit and emotion), including all aspects of lifestyle.

The vision, mission and values of Bhakti’s Integrative Medicine program reflect our belief that patients and our community are best served when all available therapies are considered in concert with an approach that recognizes the intrinsic wholeness of each individual. It also reflects our belief that the best medicine is practiced in collaboration with a wide variety of healthcare professionals and with our patients.

Our vision: To facilitate healing and wellness of mind, body, heart and spirit through clinical services, research and education.

Our mission: To provide responsible leadership in the integration of complementary, alternative and conventional medicine.

Our values: To live and work in balance with the community, the environment and each other. To touch beyond our reach and see beyond our vision.

The Mission of Bhakti Labs

The mission of Bhakti Labs is to provide patients and clients with a better way to cultivate health. Through science-based nutritional interventions, Green Engineered products and a consumer-as-shareholder model, Bhakti Labs and you are improving healthcare one purchase at a time.

Our integral Healthcare Savings Account program pays you to make healthy choices, isn’t about time someone did this? When you purchase our products directly from Bhakti Labs we will place 20% of the profit into an iHSA for you. These funds are available for you to use toward services in the clinic, donate to a friend to use or donate to a select charity.

Another of the many advantages of Bhakti Labs ‘s products is we do not manufacture our products. Instead we partner with leading US innovators and producers, allowing Bhakti Labs to shift our product line in accord with the latest scientific advances. This means we are able to put the best products available in your hands in the shortest time with the least expense. Keeping quality up and prices down.